Overview of the 2018 General Election

The 2018 General Election resulted in a number of firsts for New Mexico.  In addition to the re-election of United States Senator Martin Heinrich and Representative Ben Ray Lujan, the election of Deb Haaland and Xochitl Torres Small to respective Congressional seats signaled a shift the state’s federal delegation was split 50/50 female/male and entirely composed of Democrats.

At the state level there was also a solid female and democrat shift. This was seen in the election of Michelle Lujan Grisham to governor, Stephanie Garcia Richard to Land Commissioner, Brian Colón as State Auditor. It was also seen in the reelection of Maggie Toulouse Oliver as Secretary of State, Tim Eichenberg as State Treasurer and Hector Balderas as Attorney General.  It is the first time in recent history that all of the statewide seats are held by members of the Democratic Party.

In the New Mexico Legislature, only seats in the House of Representatives were up for re-election. Going into the 2018 General Election the Democrats were defending their 38-32 majority (12-8 split in Albuquerque).  Heading to the 2019 Regular 60-Day Legislative Session, starting January 15, the Democrats appear to have a 46-24 majority (19-1 split in Albuquerque). 


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2018 General Election Winners

U.S. Senate (re-elected)

Senator Martin Heinrich (D)

Focus Areas:  Senator Heinrich is an advocate for economic growth in New Mexico through renewable energy and technological advancement at the national labs. He supports affordable health care for New Mexico residents and a strategic foreign policy that protects human rights abroad. 


1stCongressional District 

Representative-Elect Debra A. Haaland (D)

Focus Areas: Representative Haaland believes that climate change is the top issue that the United States and the world are currently facing. She supports a transition to 100% renewable energy. Additionally, she values veteran affairs, Medicare for all and a more affordable education system. 


2ndCongressional District

Representative-Elect Xochitl Torres Small (D)

Focus Areas: The water-rights lawyer is a supporter of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education for economic development and to address poverty. She is also an advocate for increased funding for veteran services. 


3rd Congressional District

Representative Ben Ray Lujan (D)

Focus Areas: Representative Lujan has fought to protect land, air and water in New Mexico, including the reauthorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund. He believes that action must be taken to reduce carbon emissions and begin to utilize clean energy. He is a patron for job growth and affordable access to health insurance. Representative’s success as Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is expected to propel him into a leadership position when Congress re-convenes in January.



Governor-Elect Michelle Lujan Grisham (D)

Lieutenant Governor-Elect: Howie Morales (D)

Focus Areas: Governor-Elect Lujan Grisham supports making New Mexico a leader in clean energy development and technology. She supports the development of clean energy for New Mexico use and neighboring states. She is also dedicated to senior and veteran affairs, specifically pertaining to access to healthcare and assisting services. 


Commissioner of Public Lands

Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard (D)

Key Points: During the campaign, Garcia Richard expressed a desire to increasing funding for renewable projects to boost the economy and reduce oil extraction. Garcia Richard, a school district administrator from Los Alamos, previously served as a Representative in the New Mexico Legislature.  The State Land Office controls oil, mineral and renewable energy development on state trust land.


Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse (D)

Key Points:  During the campaign, Secretary Toulouse spoke on greater transparency in government and making it easier for people across New Mexico to vote.  During her previous term she increased transparency in government by implementing financial disclosure forms for elected officials and state employees. Secretary Toulouse was first elected secretary of state during a special election in November 2016 to finish the remainder of the term vacated by Republican Dianna Duran after her 2015 resignation and conviction on embezzlement and money laundering charges.


State Auditor-elect Brian Colon (D)

Key Points: State Auditor – elect Brian Colon has spoke about investing tax dollars in early childhood education and better schools, renewable energies and health and well-being of New Mexico’s families.


State Treasurer Tim Eichenberg (D)

Key Points: State Treasurer Tim Eichenberg is invested in ensuring the funds of New Mexico’s public employees and school teachers are recovered. He also plans to continue to develop procedures and processes to promote solvency, transparency and economic benefit for New Mexico residents. 


Attorney General Hector Balderas (D)

Key Points: Attorney General Hector Balderas has worked to pass legislation to establish incentives for clean energy; invest in rural public schools; enact reforms to the criminal justice system; and protect consumers from price gouging in times of emergency or disaster.  


State House

District 1 - Rodney Montoya

District 2 - James R.J. Strickler

District 3 - Paul Bandy

District 4 - Anthony Allison*

District 5 - Doreen Wonda Johnson

District 6 - Eliseo Alcon

District 7 - Kelly K. Fajardo

District 8 - Alonzo Baldonado

District 9 - Patricia Lundstrom

District 10 - G. Andres Romero

District 11 - Javier Martinez

District 12 - Patricio Ruiloba

District 13 - Patricia Roybal Caballero 

District 14 - Miguel Garcia

District 15 - Dayan Hochman*

District 16 - Antonio Maestas

District 17 - Deborah Armstrong

District 18 - Gail Chasey

District 19 - Sheryl Williams Stapleton

District 20 - Abbas Ali Akhil*

District 21 - Debra Sarinana*

District 22 - Gregg Schmedes*

District 23 - Daymon Ely

District 24 - Elizabeth Thomson

District 25 - Christine Trujillo

District 26 - Georgene Louis

District 27 - William Pratt*

District 28 - Melanie Ann Stansbury*

District 29 - Joy Garratt*

District 30 - Natalie Figueroa*

District 31 - William Rehm

District 32 - Candie Sweetster

District 33 - Micaela Lara Cadena*

District 34 - Raymundo Lara*

District 35 - Angelica Rubio

District 36 - Nathan Small

District 37 - Joanne Ferrary

District 38 - Rebecca Dow

District 39 - Rodolpho Martinez

District 40 - Joseph Sanchez*

District 41 - Susan Herrera*

District 42 - Roberto Gonzales

District 43 - Christine Chandler*

District 44 - Jane Powdrell-Culbert

District 45 - Jim Trujillo

District 46 - Andrea Romero*

District 47 - Brian Egolf Jr.

District 48 - Linda Trujillo

District 49 - Gail Armstrong

District 50 - Matthew McQueen

District 51 - Rachel Black*

District 52 - Doreen Y. Gallegos

District 53 - Willie Madrid*

District 54 - James Townsend

District 55 - Cathrynn Brown
District 56 - Zachary Cook

District 57 - Jason Harper

District 58 - Candy Spence Ezzell

District 59 - Greg Nibert

District 60 - Timothy Lewis

District 61 - David M. Gallegos

District 62 - Larry Scott

District 63 - Martin Ruben Zamora*

District 64 - Randal Crowder

District 65 - Derrick Lente

District 66 - Phelps Anderson*

District 67 - Jackey Chatfield*

District 68 - Karen Bash*

District 69 - Harry Garcia

District 70 - Tomas E. Salazar