How popular is the New Mexico State Fair and who are its biggest fans?


Legislative battles and funding tug of wars appeared to have little impact on how New Mexico residents feel about their State Fair.

The 2012 Garrity Perception Survey focused on events and festivals, queering the thoughts of New Mexico residents on their favorite and most popular in-state events.  The survey, conducted by Research & Polling, had a sample size of 413 New Mexico residents at a 95% confidence level.

The New Mexico State Fair, in two unaided questions, was identified as the second most popular event, behind the Balloon Fiesta.

The State Fair, starting a 12-day run this week, was identified by 15 percent of residents as being their favorite; 17 percent said it was the most popular New Mexico event/festival.

When asked specifically about the State Fair’s popularity, New Mexico residents are very favorable (76 percent) about the event. 

Overall, women and Hispanics think the fair is very popular.   Looking at age and income, residents under the age of 49 and those earning less than $40,000 a year are the biggest fans of the New Mexico State Fair.

If popularity is any indicator, there will be a number of people using their cell phones snap pictures for FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram.  Eighty two percent of all residents who say they only have a cell phone (as opposed to a land line telephone) view the New Mexico State Fair as a popular event.  State Fair organizers are smart to cater to the cell phone carriers because they typically have a higher level of disposable income and are more mobile to navigate the traffic to get to Expo New Mexico.

From a political spectrum, more Democrats than Republicans like the State Fair (just barely).  But the event is actually the most popular among unregistered voters.

Length of New Mexico residency is a good “popularity” litmus test.  By almost a 2:1 ratio, residents who have lived in the state more than 8 years are more favorable about the event than those who have been here for a shorter period of time.

Finally, the New Mexico State Fair’s geographic support almost mirrors the presence of the farm and ranch industry.  In order, residents living in the Eastern, North Central, Northwest, Southwest and Albuquerque metro area are most favorable about the event.

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