Guest Blog: Kristelle Siarza, Online Account Executive

Between social media strategy brainstorms, diving into website code, and vectoring the Garrity PR team into snowmen, it’s impossible for me to find hours to shop for last-minute gifts for friends and family. I’m not much of a shopper to begin with, but thankfully local products and services have come to the rescue. This Christmas, our team decided to give some of our clients and friends a New Mexico-made product, Heidi’s Raspberry Jams. We needed a lot of jars and thankfully there were many local retailers carrying the product, which made our shopping convenient.  

With Christmas approaching, our team got to thinking about how locals will be doing their holiday shopping and put together “New Mexico Shopping: By the Numbers” which highlights what New Mexico and Albuquerque residents are thinking when it comes to “buying local.”

The infographic gathers fun insight on several local shopping preferences from Burqueños, including the top “local shops” on and Albuquerque products and services with high Klout scores. Using a favorite local publication, Albuquerque the Magazine, we counted the number of products and services awarded the “Best of the City” title for 2013. After counting categories with businesses as winners, the results show a predominant amount of locally owned establishments.

The anchor of the infographic is the 2013 Garrity Perception Survey, which highlights purchasing preferences of New Mexico residents. Approximately half of residents (47 percent) indicate they prefer to purchase products and services from locally owned stores, while few (6 percent) prefer to buy from national franchises.

Residents were also asked what local businesses (if any) they had purchased products or services from in the past month. The most frequently mentioned response was Walmart, followed by the Farmer’s Market, Albertson’s, Smith’s, and La Montanita Co-op. Of the top 20 responses, 17 were identified to be affiliated with a national chain.

I hope you enjoy our infographic. What do you think about buying local? Tweet what you think to the entire team at @garritypr.

Kristelle Siarza
Online Account Executive, The Garrity Group

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