Garrity Perception Survey Trends are not favorable for National Labs, Religious Groups, State Universities and Oil & Gas Industries

ALBUQUERQUE, NM - Small business (72 percent) and state community colleges (71 percent) are the most favorable industries and institutions in New Mexico according to the 2013 Garrity Perception Survey. New Mexico residents also found the national laboratories, farm/ranch industry, state universities and local banks as some of the most favorable. The justice system (30 percent), national banks (30 percent) and out-of-state corporations (27 percent) were the least favorable among the 17 industries and institutions measured in the annual survey.
The Garrity Perception Survey has measured favorability of industries and institutions since 2011. Since then, only three industries have seen increased favorability among New Mexico residents: mining (+4 percent), commercial construction (+4 percent) and state community college (+3 percent).

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Favorable Industries & Institutions

The industries seeing the largest decline in statewide favorability since 2011 include: church & organized religion (-10 percent), solar/wind industry (-9 percent), state universities (-8 percent) and national laboratories (-7 percent).

  • The “cross tabs” (information that includes specific geographic and demographic data) reveal some interesting three-year trends in specific industries, including: Favorability of church and organized religion is -29 percent in Eastern NM
  • Favorability of national laboratories is -11 percent in Albuquerque
  • Favorability of state universities is -19 percent in Southwest NM
  • Favorability of the oil and gas industry is -8 percent in North Central NM

“The drops that are most surprising include the fall of church and organized religion in Eastern New Mexico as well as the drop in favorability of the national labs in the Albuquerque area, both regions are seen as traditional strongholds for the respective institutions,” says Tom Garrity, President of The Garrity Group. “These numbers only provide a snapshot of perception and don’t provide perspective, though neither of these institutions had significant events that impacted their respective operations.”

The Garrity Group, a “locally owned” New Mexico public relations firm, commissioned the survey (in its third year) from Albuquerque-based Research & Polling. The scientific survey was conducted February 21-26, 2013, included 400 adult residents, the results have a 96.5 percent confidence level.
It is the only research project that measures how New Mexico residents view the favorability of industries, trust of professions and identifies how they access news and information.  This year’s survey also tracks travel trends and purchasing preferences of New Mexico residents.  To get your free copy and a schedule of webinars visit
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