For the last several years the holy grail of marketing communications has been the Hispanic demographic.  

And that is for good reason.  According to the United States Census the Hispanic demographic is the fastest growing minority segment of the population.  In addition, the increased purchasing power and confidence of increased income are very high.  Those top line facts are a few of many reasons fortune 500 corporations are finding ways to connect with this influential audience.

Living in a state with a minority majority population, provides us some unique insights on how the Hispanic audience responds to messages and messengers; call it qualitative research.

The Garrity Perception Survey provides a quantitative perspective of which industries the Hispanic demographic favors, who they trust and how they access news and information.

When we surveyed New Mexico residents on how they access news and information, we measured the media source that is accessed.  Specifically, we asked about how residents access television, newspaper, radio, Internet news sites, Internet blogs and social media sites.  The survey included a total of 400 adult residents in New Mexico, providing a 96.5 percent confidence level in the results. We collect demographic and geographic data on the survey participants.

Those who identify themselves as Hispanic, turn to traditional media sources for news and information.  Looking at the three-year average, 87 percent turn to television compared to 72 percent turning to newspaper and 65 percent turning to radio.  Individual media sources accessed for news and information includes internet news sites (54 percent), Internet blogs (43 percent) and social networking sites (36 percent).

Going behind the numbers, a few trends emerge.  Television access, while it is the most accessed news source, viewership is generally flat over the last three years among the Hispanic demographic.  Compared to internet news sites, the Hispanic audience has a growing appetite.  Access of internet news sites among Hispanics has steadily increased eight percent over the last three years; the fastest growing method for this audience to get news and information.

Also, when you combine all of the digital media that Hispanics access for news and information, it surpasses television as a news and information source by 46 percent. 

What does all of this mean?  For organizations that want to grasp the Holy Grail of marketing, developing culturally relevant messages and strategies that leverage the growing digital space will position you as a preferred partner of the growing Hispanic demographic.