TGG Spotlight - Nicole Grundhoffer, Senior Account Executive


1. What are the top two trends that you are seeing in the public relations/journalism industry right now?

3 Simple Ways to Get Coverage in the Business Section

So you’re a small business owner and the thought of having to market yourself in the media is just something you wish you could afford at some point down the road when business is booming and world hunger has ended. In other words, advertising can be overwhelming in more ways than one.

The Case for Social Media for Your Restaurant

While some evidence suggests social media could improve self-confidence and relationships among your peers, others believe it’s a fundamental detriment to society. Wherever you land on the spectrum, the truth of it is, your business needs social media.

Here are the top three ways social media helps your business:

Showcase your work

TGG Spotlight - Robin Babb, Food Editor at The Weekly Alibi

1. Give a brief overview of your background and how you came to your current position as the Food Editor at The Weekly Alibi. 

How To Increase Digital Engagement

Across the board, advertising increases over the holiday season as brands compete for consumer attention. For organizations, large and small, the task of cutting through the noise to reach their target audience can be daunting. This is the time brands need to get creative with their engagement.

How Facebook’s News Feed Rules Affect Your Business

TGG Spotlight - Julie Ann Grimm

What trends dominated the news industry for 2017?

TGG Celebrates 20 Years of Success!


The Garrity Group opened their doors to the New Mexico community in 1997. 20 years later, the firm continues to successfully work with local and national businesses to help their brand not only be heard, but understood. Below are some of our favorite client moments from the past 20 years.


1997 – 1997 Roswell UFO Encounter 50th Anniversary

1.7 Billion Impressions Generated For the 2017 Balloon Fiesta

The Garrity Group has wrapped up yet another successful Balloon Fiesta. The 46th Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, which took place October 7-15, was a fun-filled eight-day event. The event featured hundreds of hot air balloons in one single location. As the massive balloons, of various shapes and sizes, took flight in an extraordinary wave of color, thousands of spectators from around the world were left in awe.

Balloon Fiesta and the Garrity Perception Survey Win at Cumbres!


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