The Garrity Group Named a Top Family Friendly Business

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., March 18, 2019 – The Garrity Group Public Relations firm has been awarded a gold level distinction for its workplace policies by Family Friendly New Mexico, a statewide project developed to recognize companies that have adopted policies offering family friendly employee benefits. 

“Taking care of our employees is a priority,” said Tom Garrity, president of The Garrity Group. “Whether it’s working out maternity leave, providing quality access to health care or flexibility in schedules, our goal is to provide a space that values our employees hard work.”

Burrito Express Wins The Garrity Group’s Breakfast Burrito Madness Contest

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Burrito Express won the 2019 Breakfast Burrito Madness contest hosted by The Garrity Group Public Relations firm. This breakfast burrito competition was created to have a fun twist on the seasonal national collegiate basketball phenomenon by celebrating New Mexico culture and local small businesses. 

How to score big with social media offense

Whether it’s football or hockey, basketball or baseball, sporting events tend to bring out the passion from their fans. From painting their face and buying season tickets, to staying home and yelling at the TV, sports fanatics showcase both love and criticism for the teams they adore. And with social media, fans can more easily voice opinions in a public manner. 

Extinguishing your PR Fyre Before You Get Burned

Netflix just released a documentary titled Fyre Fraud, which investigates the 2017 Fyre Festival fail. Fyre Festival was a luxury music festival that was to take place in the Bahamas, feature an all-star lineup and be attended by all the most famous faces.

It was an event that was promoted in various ways, including with influencers on social media and featured videos that showcased a dream vacation, complete with top chefs and Instagram models.

How to Avoid becoming an Instagram Sensation

Late in December, Instagram unveiled a new update – a horizontal timeline that was to act more like the stories feature and less like other timelines. However, this update backfired and subjected the brand to the wrath of angry users. Users took to Twitter to vocalize their distain, going as far as posting videos of deleting the application from their phone.

The Rules of the Roller coaster…. And Your Business

by Lucia Franco, Account Executive with The Garrity Group

You never know where a business lesson will surface.

During this year’s New Mexico State Fair, while I was waiting for the Ferris wheel to make its 360° turn to load up the next round of riders, I started talking with the ride operator.

Learning to Trust Again in the Age of the Internet

About Andie Mirabal

Andie Mirabal is an Account Executive at The Garrity Group. She is a visual media enthusiast with a love for telling stories. To learn more about Andie, click here.


Fake news: Incorrect stories that are generally spread via social media. A term that we’ve been introduced to in recent years and that has rapidly gained popularity with the increased use of social media. A term that has caused so much controversy for businesses and consumers alike. 

2018 New Mexico Post Election Insights

Overview of the 2018 General Election

The 2018 General Election resulted in a number of firsts for New Mexico.  In addition to the re-election of United States Senator Martin Heinrich and Representative Ben Ray Lujan, the election of Deb Haaland and Xochitl Torres Small to respective Congressional seats signaled a shift the state’s federal delegation was split 50/50 female/male and entirely composed of Democrats.

Perceptions Shift in Energy, Education, Religion, Healthcare, Law and Media

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Contact: Tom Garrity,, 505-898-8689


Albuquerque, NM - The 2018 Garrity Perception Survey (GPS) provides insights on select professions and industries and how topics of the day swayed perception in six sectors over the past seven years. Specifically, the survey looks at favorability and trust in the energy, education, religious, healthcare and legal communities as well as shifts in how New Mexico residents access news and information. 

Righting your mistake with minimal impact

We get it. Things happen. As humans, we make mistakes including typos, misunderstandings and even planning inaccurately. And while technology might help reduce error, it is still prone to crashes, bugs and other mishaps. So, when these things do happen, what’s the best way to manage these issues? Communication.