Reaching the New Mexico Millennial

The New Mexico Millennial (NMM) generation is shifting its access of news and information at a quicker rate than other generations.  The NMM relies upon digital sources (blogs, internet new sites and social networking) more than traditional news and information sources (television, radio, newspaper).

While this shift is reflected in major population centers, the NMM flight from traditional to digital media also highlights a significant rift when compared to all New Mexico residents.

#NMLEG Delivers More Than 138M Impressions at End of Session

The New Mexico Legislative session came to a close on March 21, 2015 and the #NMLEG hashtag (the official hashtag for the New Mexico Legislative Session) has reached more than 138 million timeline deliveries over the 60 days. From January 20, the beginning of the session, through March 21, the end of the session, Twitter has seen the #NMLEG hashtag populated by 4,620 contributors in 44,604 tweets, reaching 8,061,124 individuals. The data is pulled from The Garrity Group’s Hashtracking account. The online conversations ranged from education, health, poverty, the economy, to labor and right-to-work laws and reform.

Favorability of Major Corporations

Major corporations have never enjoyed “favorable” status among New Mexico residents. Since 2011, favorability of major corporations, among New Mexico residents, has declined 7 percent. 

Favorability of Out-of-State Corporations

Since 2011, out of state corporations have seen tremendous swings in favorability among those involved in the state’s political system.  Among New Mexico residents there has been little change since 2011 (increase of 1 percent).

Favorability of Small Business

The favorability of small business is relatively unchanged among New Mexico residents, down 1 percent since 2011.  Independent voters are the most favorable of small business, followed by Democrats.  Republicans were least favorable toward small business in 2014.

Favorability of Farm & Ranch Industry

The farm and ranch industry is significant in New Mexico.  Whether it is the dairy industry or chili harvest, agriculture and ranching defines our state in many ways.

Trust of Journalists

New Mexico politicos and residents read, listen and watch what journalists create every day.  But it doesn’t mean they trust what journalists are reporting.  Since 2011, New Mexico residents’ trust in journalists has declined 5 percent. 

Trust of Advertising Executives

The advertising industry is like the legal profession in that both are sometimes the brunt of jokes. But businesses and elected leaders need both professions, in some form, to be successful. Since 2011, New Mexico residents’ trust in advertising executives has declined 4 percent. 

Trust of Lawyers

New Mexico residents don’t have a high trust in lawyers.  In fact, over the past four years New Mexico residents have lost trust in lawyers.  Since 2011 trust among residents has declined 8 percent.

Trust of Judges

Across the board, New Mexico residents and those involved in its political process don’t trust judges. Since 2011 trust in judges, among residents, has declined 8 percent.


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