Solar & Wind

Based on your party affiliation, you will either have high or low favorability of the Solar and Wind industry.  The average New Mexico resident’s opinion of the solar and wind industry is relatively unchanged, up only 2 percent from 2011-2014.  Among Democrats, Independents and Republicans there is not as much unanimity:

Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas industry has slightly increased favorability over the last four years among New Mexico residents (up 2 percent).  However, favorability among those engaged in New Mexico’s political process have increased their favorability more than the average New Mexico resident (from 2011-2014):

News and Information Sources: Television

Overall, New Mexico residents are slowly weaning themselves off of television news.  Since 2011, and despite two years of increases, television a news source has dropped 5 percent over the past four years.  With that said, it is still the most popular news source among all residents, regardless of political party affiliation.

Trust of State Officials

Today, the 70 members of the House of Representatives (controlled by Republicans) and the 42 members of the New Mexico Senate (controlled by Democrats) will convene their 60-day legislative session.  During that time they will set a budget and address a number of very high profile issues on behalf of New Mexico residents.

Government: Too much or too little?

In advance of the 60-day legislative session and our firm’s analysis of how affiliation with political parties affect who New Mexico residents trust, what industries they favor and how news and information is accessed; we will take a quick look to our 2011 survey to see how “we” feel about the role of government in our society.

Republicans, Democrats and Independents… Oh My!

This January and February, members of the New Mexico Senate and House of Representatives will head into a historic 60-day legislative session.

For the past four years, the Garrity Perception Survey has provided insights on who New Mexico residents trust, what industries they favor and how our neighbors access news and information.  We commission Research & Polling to provide the survey; it has a 95 percent level of confidence.

#NMLEG Editorial Calendar

We will be updating this throughout the 60-day session with these interesting insights.


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