Favorability of Medical System

Determining which New Mexico residents are favorable toward the medical system is largely dependent upon political affiliation.  Over the past four years, the typical resident’s favorability of the medical system has decreased 3 percent.  For Republicans, Democrats and Independents, the number reveal a mixed bag:

Favorability of Mining Industry

Over the past three years, New Mexico residents’ opinion about the mining industry is unchanged.  An uptick in favorability during 2013 was neutralized the following year. As for those with political affiliations, over the past three years:

Favorability of Construction Industry

The ongoing recession has negatively impacted New Mexico’s commercial construction industry.  Perceptions of the industry, over the last four years, have declined 2 percent.  However, those with political affiliations have a little more favorability toward the industry than the typical resident:

Trust of Scientists

Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Labs are both home to the highest concentration of scientists in New Mexico.  Regardless of how many New Mexico residents know a scientist, they clearly hold the occupation in high regard. Sixty-four percent of New Mexico residents trust scientists.  Over the past four years, despite two years of gradual decreases, New Mexico residents’ opinions are relatively unchanged.  As for those with political affiliations, over the past four years:

#NMLEG Legislative Hashtag Reaches Nearly 7.5 Million People

If the first few days of the Legislative Session is a sign, there will be a lot of tweets this year featuring different aspects of #NMLEG (the official hashtag for the New Mexico Legislative Session). From January 16 through January 23, the #NMLEG hashtag was populated by 479 contributors in 2,419 tweets, reaching nearly 7.5 million people. The tweets appeared on 7,596,750 timeline deliveries.  The data is pulled from The Garrity Group’s Hashtag Tracker account. The online conversations ranged from education, teachers, taxes, the economy, to labor and right-to-work laws and reform. 

National Labs

Over the last four years (2011-2014) favorability of National Labs among New Mexico residents has decreased 5 percent. While Republicans and Democrats are largely unchanged in their opinions, those residents who identify themselves as Independent, have lost favor with the labs to the tune of nearly 20 percent:

Solar & Wind

Based on your party affiliation, you will either have high or low favorability of the Solar and Wind industry.  The average New Mexico resident’s opinion of the solar and wind industry is relatively unchanged, up only 2 percent from 2011-2014.  Among Democrats, Independents and Republicans there is not as much unanimity:

Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas industry has slightly increased favorability over the last four years among New Mexico residents (up 2 percent).  However, favorability among those engaged in New Mexico’s political process have increased their favorability more than the average New Mexico resident (from 2011-2014):

News and Information Sources: Television

Overall, New Mexico residents are slowly weaning themselves off of television news.  Since 2011, and despite two years of increases, television a news source has dropped 5 percent over the past four years.  With that said, it is still the most popular news source among all residents, regardless of political party affiliation.

Trust of State Officials

Today, the 70 members of the House of Representatives (controlled by Republicans) and the 42 members of the New Mexico Senate (controlled by Democrats) will convene their 60-day legislative session.  During that time they will set a budget and address a number of very high profile issues on behalf of New Mexico residents.


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