Television Preferred News Source, Newspaper Gains Ground Among New Mexico Residents

 Garrity Perception Survey Shows NM Losing Trust in All Media

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – New Mexico residents are turning to television and newspaper more as a news and information source than last year according to the 2013 Garrity Perception Survey. However, just because residents are watching and reading more doesn’t mean they trust it more; every traditional media source has seen a steady decline in credibility since the 2011 statewide survey.

Small Business and Community Colleges Most Favorable Industries and Institutions Among New Mexico Residents

Garrity Perception Survey Trends are not favorable for National Labs, Religious Groups, State Universities and Oil & Gas Industries

Nearly Half of NM Residents Prefer to Buy Local

Garrity Perception Survey Shows New Mexico Residents Have a New Perception of “Local” Business

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – New Mexico residents prefer to support local businesses, but just barely. According to the 2013 Garrity Perception Survey, an almost equal number of residents indicated that “local” doesn’t matter. The survey, which sought out purchasing preferences of New Mexico residents, also revealed that adults view national and big box stores as “local” businesses.

Family Members/Relatives Most Trusted by NM Residents

Garrity Perception Survey Shows New Mexico Residents are More Selective about Who They Trust

ALBUQUERQUE, NM - Blood is thicker than water, but New Mexico residents are less trusting of family members/relatives and thirteen other people and professions, according to the 2013 Garrity Perception Survey.

In-State Tourism set to Increase 11 Percent in 2013

Garrity Perception Survey Shows Eastern New Mexico Residents are the biggest in-state travelers

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – More New Mexico residents will be hitting the road this summer and fall to destinations in the Land of Enchantment, according to the 2013 Garrity Perception Survey.

The New Mexico Higher Education Infographic

UNM and NMSU Top Social Media Engagement

Albuquerque, NM – The University of New Mexico (UNM) may rule the academic roost for Facebook and Twitter, but New Mexico State University (NMSU) totally dominates YouTube and dwarfs all other New Mexico universities and community colleges combined.

Different December 2012

Trying to define the past 365 days in a check or single contribution is difficult for even those with the best of intentions.

In lieu of an end of year celebration, The Garrity Group Public Relations team identified four local nonprofit charities to assist during the last month of the year. We call our outreach “A Different December."

Unifying Political Ideologies GPS Style!


Now that the 2012 Presidential Election is over, how do New Mexico organizations bring Republicans, Democrats, Independents and unregistered voters back to the proverbial “table” in order to get on with life?

TV & Newspapers Rank High on Social Media

Personalities and Channels Have Large Social Media Followings

(Click to download The Top New Mexico News Media on Social Media infographic)

A Battle for Public Opinion


Members of the Lovelace Health Insurance plan and patients of ABQ Health Partners are in a bind.  The once symbiotic relationship is, at best, like a ship on the rocks.  At worst, it is headed into the black hole of healthcare.