Favorability of Farm & Ranch Industry

The farm and ranch industry is significant in New Mexico.  Whether it is the dairy industry or chili harvest, agriculture and ranching defines our state in many ways.

Trust of Journalists

New Mexico politicos and residents read, listen and watch what journalists create every day.  But it doesn’t mean they trust what journalists are reporting.  Since 2011, New Mexico residents’ trust in journalists has declined 5 percent. 

Trust of Advertising Executives

The advertising industry is like the legal profession in that both are sometimes the brunt of jokes. But businesses and elected leaders need both professions, in some form, to be successful. Since 2011, New Mexico residents’ trust in advertising executives has declined 4 percent. 

Trust of Lawyers

New Mexico residents don’t have a high trust in lawyers.  In fact, over the past four years New Mexico residents have lost trust in lawyers.  Since 2011 trust among residents has declined 8 percent.

Trust of Judges

Across the board, New Mexico residents and those involved in its political process don’t trust judges. Since 2011 trust in judges, among residents, has declined 8 percent.

Favorability of Courts

The courts and justice system among New Mexico residents has seen better days.  Since 2011, favorability of courts, among New Mexico residents, has declined 6 percent. 

Trust in Police

New Mexico politicos and residents are aligned in their decreased trust in police officers. Since 2011, New Mexico residents’ trust in police officers has declined 18 percent. 

News and Information Sources: Radio

Radio is still a consistent source of news and information for New Mexico residents.  Despite a 4 percent drop over the past four years, a majority of New Mexico residents still turn to the radio for news.

Trust of Federal Officials

Federal officials have a trust issue among New Mexico residents and politicos.  From 2011 - 2014, trust of New Mexico residents has declined 10 percent.  We didn’t ask residents for their trust of the President, Congress or the Veterans Administration; only what their trust was of whom they view as a Federal Official.

Trust of General Public

Trust of the “average Joe” has remained constant for New Mexico residents.  Since 2011, New Mexico residents have been relatively unchanged (down 2 percent) in their level of trust in the general public.