News and Information Sources: Internet News Sites

Internet news sites are a regular source of news and information for New Mexico residents.  After seeing some peaks and valleys in use, residents are relatively unchanged in their reliance upon Internet news sites as a news and information source.

News and Information Sources: Internet Blogs

Proliferation of the internet as a news and information source is a staple for New Mexico residents.  However, compared to traditional media, blogs are still growing as a news source.  Since 2011, New Mexico residents are relatively unchanged in their reliance on blogs as a news and information source.

Favorability of National Banks

While New Mexico residents tend to favor local banks over national banks, national banks have done a good job of maintaining status quo.  Since 2011, New Mexico residents’ favorability is relatively unchanged (compared to a five percent drop in favorability of local banks over the same time period).

Trust of Accountants

It is tax season!  Prime time for those in the accounting profession.  For the most part, New Mexico residents are consistently lukewarm on their trust of the practitioners, averaging 49 percent level of trust over the past four years.  Since 2011, trust has only increased 3 percent among New Mexico residents.

Favorability of Local Banks

Local banks are favored over national banks by New Mexico residents.  Despite high favorability, residents are losing favorability with local banks, a 5 percent drop over the past four years.

Trust of Pastors and Priests

Pastors and Priests are losing trust at an alarming rate among New Mexico residents.  Over the past four years, trust of pastors and priests has decreased by 15 percent. 

Favorability of the Church and Religious Institutions

New Mexico’s foundation is based on either preserving or evangelizing specific belief systems.  Since 2011, New Mexico residents’ favorability of church and religious institutions has declined 10 percent. 

Trust of Teachers

Despite major swings of favorability towards public education, community colleges and universities, residents’ trust of teachers is relatively unchanged over the past four years among those who claim involvement with New Mexico’s political process.

Favorability of Public Schools

K-12 public education is always in the perception cross hairs.  Since 2011, favorability of public education, among New Mexico residents, has dipped slightly, down 3 percent.  Based on political affiliation, this is an issue where Democrats and Republicans have differing perspectives:

Favorability of State Universities

As New Mexico universities fight for budget dollars during this legislative session, the institutions are also grappling with declining favorability among its residents. Since 2011, residents’ favorability of Universities has dropped 7 percent.