UNM and NMSU Top Social Media Engagement

Albuquerque, NM – The University of New Mexico (UNM) may rule the academic roost for Facebook and Twitter, but New Mexico State University (NMSU) totally dominates YouTube and dwarfs all other New Mexico universities and community colleges combined.

The 2013 New Mexico Higher Education Infographic, compiled by The Garrity Group shows that UNM has 25,143 Facebook “likes” and 11,472 Twitter “followers;” more than any other higher education institution.  However, New Mexico State University boasts 2.6 million views of their videos on YouTube (1.8 million of which are generated on the NMSU Grants channel alone).  Eastern New Mexico University, Central New Mexico Community College and Western New Mexico University also had high engagement in two of the three social media arenas.

“New Mexico universities have a lot to be proud of in the social media arena, but the also have a long way to go in order to engaging prospective and existing students as well as alumni and their respective communities,” said Tom Garrity, president of The Garrity Group Public Relations.

The New Mexico Higher Education Infographic also includes data from the Garrity Perception Survey revealing that community colleges have a higher favorability rating than universities, among state residents.  University perception in the Eastern and Southwestern part of the state fair better than those in the Albuquerque Metro area. “A lot of the disparity could be attributed to the high profile leadership changes we saw over the last year and a half at New Mexico universities,” said Garrity.

To get a copy of the Garrity Perception Survey visit www.garrityperceptionsurvey.com.

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