Favorability of state community college is good among New Mexico residents.  Overall, 68 percent of all residents have a favorable impression of community colleges.

Demographically, Hispanic residents and residents with a household income below $20,000 are favorable of community colleges.

Geographically, residents living in Northwest New Mexico are more favorable toward community colleges than those living in other regions of the State.

Comparing favorability of state community colleges and state universities reveals some unique preferences. The Albuquerque Metro, Northwest and North Central parts of New Mexico favor state community colleges over state universities.  However, in Southwest and Eastern New Mexico residents are more favorable of state universities.


  • Goal – Increase favorability of community colleges in Southwest and Eastern New Mexico.
  • Research – Compares 2011-2017 GPS data to identify any trends and cross reference with media coverage for the same time period.
  • Research – Develop focus groups among favorable demographics, in the respective regions, to gauge insights and opinions about state community colleges.
  • Research – Use the GPS data to identify news and information sources accessed the most by those who support the industry.
  • Planning – Develop a campaign that ghosts messaging from the focus group findings.
  • Execution – Develop and implement a “proof of performance” campaign leveraging earned media, marketing and limite advertising with the goal of increasing favorability and support for community college initatives.
  • Evaluation – Increased favorability an engagement with residents on the topic of community colleges.

Favorability of Community Colleges                          

  • 31%    Very Favorable
  • 37%    Favorable
  • 23%    Neutral
  • 3%      Unfavorable
  • 1%      Very Unfavorable
  • 5%      Don’t Know Wont Say