Favorability of major business corporations is low among New Mexico residents.  Overall, 43 percent of all residents have a favorable impression of major business corporations.

Demographically, the sector has highest favorability among residents with a high school diploma or less education as well as residents with an annual household income over $80,000 and under $20,000.

Geographically, the highest level of support for major business corporations can be found among residents living in Eastern and Northwest New Mexico.

Interestingly, residents have lost favorability with major business corporations over the past seven years (dropping 3 percent since 2011).


  • Goal – Increase favorability of your major business corporation
  • Research – use the GPS’17 data to identify aligned demographics with favorable industries/institutions
  • Research – Use the GPS’17 data to identify news and information sources accessed the most by those who support the industry.
  • Planning – Create a six-month employee engagement program to share news about your business in the community.
  • Execution – Encourage and support employees to serve in the community either through boards or volunteering.
  • Evaluation – Measure local connections and reach of employees

Favorability of Major Business Corporations 

  • 13%    Very Favorable
  • 30%    Favorable
  • 35%    Neutral
  • 13%    Unfavorable
  • 6%      Very Unfavorable
  • 4%      Don’t Know Wont Say