Favorability of the Medical System is lukewarm among New Mexico residents.  Overall, 47 percent of all residents have a favorable impression of the medical industry.

Demographically, strongest favorability of the medical industry can be found among residents over 65 years of age and have an income between $40,000 and $60,000.

Geographically, residents living in the Albuquerque area, where medical care is more prevalent in other parts of the state.

Favorability of the Medical Industry among those earning less than $20,000 has slipped significantly over the past seven years. In 2011, this group was higher among residents in 2011 (60 percent) than in 2017 (41 percent). The 19 percent decrease is interesting since this group has been eligible for more subsidies for mandated care than other, higher, economic groups.



  • Goal – Increase favorability of the Medical Industry.
  • Research – Use the GPS’17 data to identify demographic groups that are favorable to the Medical Industry.
  • Research – Use the GPS data to identify news and information sources accessed the most by those who support the industry.
  • Planning – Develop an approach to feature demographic groups favorable to the medical industry.
  • Execution – Create in-person and online ambassadors to engage the public with relevant messages to improve healthcare perceptions.
  • Evaluation – After the one year of outreach measure favorability of the medical industry.

Favorability of the Medical Industry

  • 21%    Very Favorable
  • 26%    Favorable
  • 30%    Neutral
  • 14%    Unfavorable
  • 8%      Very Unfavorable
  • 1%      Don’t Know Wont Say