Favorability of the mining industry is mixed among New Mexico residents.  Overall, 27 percent of all residents have a favorable impression of the mining industry.

Demographically, mining enjoys the strongest support among males as well as residents over the age of 50.  In addition, residents who are registered as Republican and have been in the state for less than eight years have a strong support of the mining industry.

Geographically, favorability of the mining industry is strongest in the Southwest and Northwest parts of the state (those areas also have the highest level of actual mining activity). 

Interestingly, the mining industry lacks awareness statewide with 15 percent indicating they don’t know enough about the industry to form an opinion.



  • Goal – Increase favorability of the mining industry
  • Research – Use the GPS data to identify those who are favorable, neutral and undecided about the industry.
  • Research – Use the GPS data to identify news and information source accessed the most by those who support the industry.
  • Planning – Develop a storytelling campaign to focus on the target audiences, providing information about the industry, creating a personal connection.  
  • Execution – The one-year approach should be rolled out in phases so initial impacts can be measured and adjusted to motivate meaningful engagement with target audiences
  • Evaluation – Gauge increases in favorability and decreases in the undecided residents as a way to measure successful implementation of the storytelling campaign

    Favorability of the Mining Industry

    • 12%    Very Favorable
    • 15%    Favorable
    • 29%    Neutral
    • 17%    Unfavorable
    • 11%    Very Unfavorable
    • 15%    Don’t Know Wont Say