Favorability of national banks is low among New Mexico residents.  Overall, 30 percent of all residents have a favorable impression of National Banks.

Demographically, national banks have the strongest level of support among lower household income (less than $20,000) and residents over the age of 65 years.

Geographically, national banks have pockets of favorability among New Mexico residents in the Eastern and Northwest parts of the state.

Interestingly, over the last seven years, national banks have seen a flight of favorability from Millennials (17 percent decrease)and residents with an annual household income between $60,000 and $80,000 (14 percent decrease).



  • Goal – Increase favorability of the national banking industry in New Mexico
  • Research – Use the GPS’17 data to identify specific audiences who are either favorable or neutral towards the national banking industry.
  • Planning – Develop a six-month approach to secure qualitative information about the industry and “reasons to believe” testimonials from customers in target demographics.
  • Execution – Create a speakers bureau of those who favor the industry to share their “reasons to believe” with target audiences.
  • Execution – Conduct focus groups and/or coffee conversations in service areas to learn more about servicing and message strengths.
  • Evaluation – Use the information as the basis of a public relations or communication outreach program to build trust and favorability among the target audiences.

Favorability of National Banks

  • 12%    Very Favorable
  • 18%    Favorable
  • 30%    Neutral
  • 18%    Unfavorable
  • 14%    Very Unfavorable
  • 7%      Don’t Know Wont Say