77% of New Mexico Residents Favor the Farm and Ranch Industry, ranking 2nd among 17 industries and institutions included in the 2020 Garrity Perception Survey

The Farm and Ranching industry is one of the most favored industries and institutions in New Mexico.  According to the 2020 Garrity Perception Survey (GPS), 77% of New Mexico residents favor the industry with 46% of that group giving it a “very favorable” rating on a five-point scale. Among the 17 industries surveyed, the Farm and Ranching Industry is the second most favorable slightly behind Small Business. The scientific survey among New Mexico residents was conducted in late January 2020.


“We know that New Mexico green chile is the most flavorful and best product of its kind on earth, and I’d say that even if the New Mexico Chile Association wasn’t’ a client but they are and we are proud of them and the farm and Ranch Industry,” says Tom Garrity, President and CEO of The Garrity Group Public Relations. “New Mexico’s rural nature is where the farm and ranch community comes to life, whether it is in the form of the dairy industry, cheese, pistachios and peanuts or beef production.  A rural giant, the industry supports more than 23,000 New Mexico jobs.”

“Many people don’t realize the amount of produce we grow in the state,” said New Mexico Agriculture Secretary Jeff Witte. “But we’re the number one summer onion-producing state in the nation. We grow a lot of lettuce and cabbage. We are now growing hemp. And, of course, our most famous crop is our chile. New Mexico also has a huge cheese industry. We are the number one pecan-producing state in the nation. You cannot forget our spirits, we’ve got a great wine and beer-making industry that’s growing.”

Geographically, Northwest New Mexico has the highest favorability of the Farm and Ranch Industry (90 percent favorability) followed by residents living in the eastern part of the state (83%) and in the north central region (81%).

Politics play some role in favorability of the Farm and Ranch Industry as 90% of residents who identify themselves as an independent voter.  In the major political parties, 76% of republicans and 71% of democrats favor the Farm and Ranch Industry.

About the Garrity Perception Survey and P.A.C.E.

The 2020 Garrity Perception Survey is a scientific survey of New Mexico residents conducted by Research & Polling Inc. The survey has a 95% level of confidence.  The Garrity Group first commissioned the survey in 2011 and makes its cross-tab data available to help its clients identify and understand their target audience. The PACE solution leverages the demographic and geographic insights as a way for our clients to be relevant before their New Mexico audience. Identifying how our clients are Perceived by their Audiences, we Create a way for them to Engage relevant advocates.  For more information visit GarrityPR.com.

About The Garrity Group

The Garrity Group is a New Mexico public relations firm that helps small businesses to be heard and large organizations to be understood. Established in 1997 and based in Albuquerque, our team provides media relations, issue management, crisis communications, digital media marketing and event awareness.

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