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Albuquerque, NM - The 2016 Garrity Perception Survey (GPS) results revealed New Mexico residents think local business owners/executives should take a more active role in helping improve New Mexico’s economy and most are frustrated or angry toward the federal government and feel that both parties are to blame. This year marks the sixth annual survey to be released by the New Mexico-based public relations firm, The Garrity Group. The survey covers how New Mexico residents access news and information, favorability of industries and trusted professions.

Tom Garrity, The Garrity Group president said, “As we witness one of the most unique political seasons of our time, New Mexico residents see the cause of the problems in government as being ‘Elected officials who are not willing to compromise’ (43 percent). That sentiment could be curiously related to New Mexico’s own legislative session, which ended just as survey participants were beginning to respond to our survey.”

The 2016 GPS edition was the first edition to explore New Mexicans feelings about the federal government and local business owners’/executives’ roles in New Mexico’s economic and social situation. Following national trends, many New Mexicans have grown disillusioned with government. Over two-thirds of the respondents say they are either frustrated or angry with the Federal Government. On the private sector side, residents feel as though Business Owners and Executives should be more involved in their communities and helping to improve the state’s economy.

Caught in a downward spiral since 2013, trust of Federal and State Government Officials continues to correlate with a history of negative press surrounding the profession in New Mexico. Family/Relatives, Teachers and Religious Leaders are some of the most trusted by New Mexico residents, in that order, proving that blood sure is thicker than water.

New Mexicans who identify themselves as Hispanic have been embracing new media (Internet news sites, Internet blogs, and Social networking sites) with growing momentum over the past several years, outpacing traditional media significantly. Even so, television continues to be the most widely favored source of news and information for New Mexico Hispanics.

These are just a few examples of the important research that the Garrity Perception Survey provides to help us identify and understand what our clients’ customers’ value, who they trust, and how they spend their time.

The Garrity Group commissioned Albuquerque-based Research & Polling to conduct the Garrity Perception Survey. A total of 402 adult New Mexico residents were interviewed by telephone (both landlines and cell phones) for the 2016 edition, providing a 95 percent level of confidence. For more information and analysis or to request a copy of the Garrity Perception Survey 2016, visit

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