44,604 Tweets Tracked at Close of Session

The New Mexico Legislative session came to a close on March 21, 2015 and the #NMLEG hashtag (the official hashtag for the New Mexico Legislative Session) has reached more than 138 million timeline deliveries over the 60 days. From January 20, the beginning of the session, through March 21, the end of the session, Twitter has seen the #NMLEG hashtag populated by 4,620 contributors in 44,604 tweets, reaching 8,061,124 individuals. The data is pulled from The Garrity Group’s Hashtracking account. The online conversations ranged from education, health, poverty, the economy, to labor and right-to-work laws and reform.

New Mexico residents have remained engaged in conversation on Twitter throughout the session with high engagement peaks weekly, including on March 21, when conversations included buzz words such as “senate” and “house.” Residents appear to be less engaged at the beginning of the week and become more so throughout the week. Some of the most engaged contributors include, AFT New Mexico (@aftnm) with 2,545 tweets and 1,285,938 timeline deliveries; and NM Senate Democrats (@nmsenate) with 1,969 tweets and more than 5.6 million timeline deliveries.

“During the 2015 Regular Legislative Session there were nearly 24 times more tweets using  #NMLEG as there was legislation introduced in the New Mexico Senate and House of Representatives combined,” says Tom Garrity, The Garrity Group President. “Twitter was leveraged effectively by different political groups to keep the public informed about different bills making their way through the legislative process.”

The Garrity Group is also participating in the #NMLEG conversation on Twitter by providing insights from the 2011-2014 Garrity Perception Survey as it relates to how Democrats, Republicans and Independents differ on issues relating to who they trust, which industries are favorable and how the politicos access news and information. Follow the conversation on Twitter @GarrityPR, #NMLEG. For more in-depth analysis from the Garrity Perception Survey visit www.garritypr.com

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