The New Mexico Millennial (NMM) generation is shifting its access of news and information at a quicker rate than other generations.  The NMM relies upon digital sources (blogs, internet new sites and social networking) more than traditional news and information sources (television, radio, newspaper).

While this shift is reflected in major population centers, the NMM flight from traditional to digital media also highlights a significant rift when compared to all New Mexico residents.

The findings are based on the 2012, 2014 and 2016 Garrity Perception Surveys, a statewide survey of New Mexico residents with a 95 percent level of confidence.  The Garrity Group Public Relations commissions Albuquerque-based Research & Polling Inc. to conduct the survey each year.  In each of those years, the survey tracked access of the following news and information sources: newspapers, radio, television, blogs, internet news sites and social networking sites.

Accessing traditional media, the NMM aligns with other residents of relying most upon television news as a source for news and information.  Interestingly, the NMM relies more on radio as a news source more than the average resident.  Newspapers, as reflected in national media trends, clearly do not have traction as a news and information source.

While radio is accessed more than other forms of news and information, the NMM’s interest in traditional media is declining at a rapid rate.  Where traditional media has lost ground, digital media has made significant gains among this growing demographic. The NMM relies on digital media more than traditional media for news and information than all residents.

Internet blogs, for the most part shunned by most residents as a source for news and information, are accessed 30 percent more by NMMs than the typical resident.

Internet news sites, while declining in popularity, are accessed as a news and information source more than 13 percent by NMM than the typical resident.


Popularity of social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat) are the only form of media that have increased popularity as a news and information source since 2012 (an increase of nine percent over the past five years). But the digital divide doesn’t stop in how NMM access news and information, the rate of consumption is quite staggering.  The NMM accesses social media for news 40 percent more than the typical New Mexico resident.

The key takeaway, while all NMMs are not alike, how this generation accesses news and information provides key insights on how organizations should shift their approaches when developing comprehensive outreach strategies to reach this growing consumer group.