The 2012 New Mexico primary season is over.  As residents brace for the deluge of Facebook friend and event requests, junk mail, advertising, spam and poorly crafted mass emails, we thought it would be fun to take a look at how the political persuasions view industries, professions and media.

Below are some of the “nuggets” from our 2012 Garrity Perception Survey, as it relates to Democrats, Republicans, Independents and those who are not registered to vote in New Mexico.


  • Have a very favorable impression of community colleges, the solar and wind industry, state universities, and public schools.
  • Have a very unfavorable impression of out-of-state corporations.
  • Completely trust teachers, the ordinary man or woman, and journalists.
  • Use television and newspapers a lot as information sources.
  • Do not use social networking sites or Internet news sites at all as information sources.


  • Have a very favorable impression of the oil and gas industry.
  • Have a favorable impression of major business corporations.
  • Completely trust accountants.
  • Say (unaided) that their favorite New Mexico event is the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.
  • Use radio the least as a source of news and information.


  • Use Internet news sites and Internet blogs a lot as an information source.
  • Do not plan to travel at all in New Mexico in the next year.
  • Have a very unfavorable view of the mining industry and national banks.
  • Have a favorable view of small business.
  • Trust doctors, scientists, lawyers but don’t trust state government officials.

Residents Who Are Not Registered to Vote

  • Have a very favorable impression of organized religion and the commercial construction industry.
  • Completely trust lawyers but completely distrust police officers.
  • Use Internet blogs a lot as an information source.
  • Do not use newspapers at all as an information source.
  • Have a high favorability of public schools.

Over the next several months, we will share more about the trusted professions, favorable industries and how New Mexico residents access news and information.  Keep track of the data through