We get it. Things happen. As humans, we make mistakes including typos, misunderstandings and even planning inaccurately. And while technology might help reduce error, it is still prone to crashes, bugs and other mishaps. So, when these things do happen, what’s the best way to manage these issues? Communication.

Our team uses MailChimp regularly to distribute newsletters and reports. And as you probably know, deadlines loom each and every morning to get reports and other items out. Recently, I logged in to MailChimp to send a daily report and there was a server crash. Below are three things that we can learn from this server crash situation.  

  1. It’s not the mistake. It’s how you acknowledge it. Most people understand that mistakes happen. We’ve all been there. Take some time to acknowledge the mistake and do what’s best for the customer and the situation.
  2. Be transparent and own your mistake.As unforeseen circumstances happen, take time to notify your stakeholders. This message can be used to acknowledge the problem and update your audience on the plan of action. This can also diffuse the situation and reduce the amount of backlash. In this case, MailChimp placed a message directly on their website with information (see image below). Social media accounts were also updated with the same consistent messaging.
  3. Provide stakeholders with a line of communication. Provide the stakeholders of your company with a way to stay updated. MailChimp provided a link to their Twitter page. By doing this, the company can better control the messaging and respond to users in one place.
  4. Don’t dwell, learn. As with any mishap, use as a learning experience. If your server crashes, investigate and figure out how this can be avoided in the future. Mistakes happen, so make the most of it!


About Andie Mirabal

Andie Mirabal is an Account Executive at The Garrity Group. She is a visual media enthusiast with a love for telling stories. To learn more about Andie, click here.