New to The Garrity Group but seasoned in the industry, Gayle Geis is ready to help our clients succeed. The new Vice President has extensive history in the journalism field and has worked at The Wall Street Journal. Check out her insights on the current state of journalism and public relations in this month’s TGG Spotlight.

1. What are the top two trends that you are seeing in the public relations/journalism industry right now?

First trend I see is an increase in podcasts as more people create niche audio productions for specific audiences that can listen to them when driving, working or working out.

The second trend I see is an increased focus by companies on loyalty and promises. I expect that more companies when they are made aware of a mistake will follow the examples of Facebook and Wells Fargo and create advertising campaigns stressing a renewed focus on benefits of the customer’s relationship with the company.


2. How do these trends benefit businesses or how can someone combat them?

Both trends can benefit businesses if the messages to customers are presented well. If businesses want to create their own podcasts, they could have another positive format for enlightening customers and learning more about customers’ interests.

For loyalty and apology campaigns, it is even more crucial that companies execute these campaigns well if they are going to do them at all. Companies also need to be sure to back up their message with decisive action as customers have long memories.


3. What is your favorite piece of public relations advice to give?

Do your best to be transparent. Expanding on Andie’s great advice in the blog post titled “Righting your mistake with minimal impact,” give the most up-to-date and best information you can. If you aren’t sure how long the server will be down, then say that. You are better off saying that time needed to fix the server hasn’t been determined yet, than to say it will be back up at a certain time and not meeting that expectation.