1. What are the top two trends that you are seeing in the public relations/journalism industry right now?

Digital continues to dominate and overtake our traditional model, year over year. We're beginning to see a large focus on influencers, especially social media influencers, to relay brand messages. On the shared media side, brands are feeling the  effects of social media as consumers want more personal, casual messaging. In short, brands are being humanized and the messaging that follows should match

2. How do these trends benefit businesses or how can someone combat them?

Businesses have to think more broadly about their impact and their actions, which is both good and bad. There is more scrutiny in a digital age, and it's surprisingly easy to spot the inauthentic content. On the other hand, businesses are able to own their views and run with their passions and beliefs. Whether it's identifying a new message or taking on an influencer contract, make sure your research is thorough, and do your best to be authentic and true to your brand.

3. What is your favorite piece of public relations advice to give?

It's an increasingly loud world we live in. If I don't clear out my personal inbox, I can easily amass 100+ emails in a weekend from businesses vying for my attention. Two things that will always stick out from the noise are creativity and personalization. Make it personal and be creative and you're already ahead of the game.