GPS Analysis: Farm & Ranch Industry

By Andie Mercer


New Mexico’s Farm and Ranch industry (74%) is an industry that residents view as favorable since the first Garrity Perception Survey in 2011.  There are very few residents who have an unfavorable opinion of the industry (5%). It is one of those unique categories that can fit as both an industry and a profession.

Since the firm was established in 1997, we’ve had an opportunity to work with many farm and ranch/agricultural businesses throughout New Mexico.  These services include media relations, community engagement and advocacy building.

Leveraging the Garrity Perception Survey (GPS) as part of our four-step process (research, planning, implementation and evaluation) we use research as a cornerstone to shape the client’s narrative.

The Garrity Group used the GPS’20 insights to helped the New Mexico Chile Association (NMCA), a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that the New Mexico chile industry prospers. Having worked with the group since 2019, our efforts focused on promoting the annual Great New Mexico Chile Taste-Off; the one day event held in Socorro, NM, showcases local growers and highlights the New Mexico Certified Chile Program. 

In 2020, as COVID-19 swept across the state and around the nation. The association was forced to re-vision their “in-person” event.  The client made the bold move to take the “chile” show on the road., focusing on local growers/farmers markets around the state. The creative team developed chile tasting kits that included New Mexico-grown chile and information about the Chile Association, the New Mexico Certified Chile program and directed tasters to the NMCA website.

The Garrity Group leveraged insights from the GPS to identify messengers that connected with their desired target audiences and engaged news editors and media securing coverage and growing attendance at the local grower markets.  The last of the free tasting kits were snatched up at the last tour stop in Corrales.

Published September 12, 2023

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