The End of an Influencer Era?

By Andie Mirabal


In an earlier blog post, we unveiled Instagram’s newest update where likes and views are private to each user. This new feature is a way to place focus on the content according to Instagram but poses a threat to social media influencers around the world.

Social media influencers have created a profitable business model where they are able to monetize their large followings in exchange for brand promotion. Below we explore the possible effects of influencer marketing based on hiding likes and views on this platform.

The first possible impact of Instagram’s latest update is less groupthink.Groupthink is when people make irrational decisions because of their desire to conform to a larger group. This phenomenon tends to benefit popular companies through an increased number of sales. It is also the basis for how influencers have been able to create such a successful advertising scheme. Their large followings and engagements could lead to more groupthink. However, if Instagram users are unable to see the likes of other people, it could lead to less groupthink and a higher loss of potential customers.

Second, influencers could experience less interaction with their followers and less reach. If groupthink is eliminated from Instagram users, consumers might also be less likely to interact with posts.Based on Instagram’s current algorithm in which posts with more interactions appear more frequently and near the top of the explore page, this would also mean that reach would be lessened.

So how should your company counteract Instagram’s update? Take a look at the list of solutions, below.


  1. Humanize your brand.Consumers trust other humans more than they trust brands. This means that one of the main benefits of this nontraditional advertising method, the human factor. Reduce your brand’s need for influencers by adding a face and personality to your company.
  2. Embrace authenticity. Another trait many influencers have is trust. Foster trust with your consumers by being authentic and transparent.
  3. Utilize Promoted Posts.Expand your company’s reach on social media through the use of paid, promoted posts. Bonus points – use video to maintain authenticity and/or humanize your brand.

About Andie Mirabal

Andie Mirabal is the Director at The Garrity Group. She is a visual media enthusiast with a love for telling stories. To learn more about Andie, click here.

Published May 23, 2019

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