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Tom Garrity: Hello, this is the Garrity group. And this is kind of like our water cooler or coffee conversation that we have on Fridays at about two o’clock in the afternoon. Well disclosure, it’s about 230 now, but what we wanted to be able to do is just pretty much just catch up because 2021 was or 2020 was a mess. And so it just threw everything up on in so what I want to kind of catch up with the team. And have you kind of listen in on that.

Start with Andie This time, I was trying to get the boys gonna go to Amanda but I went to Amanda first last time. SoAndie, what’s what’s new with you bring everybody up to speed on things that you’re looking forward to in 2021.

Andie Mirabal: So 2021 should be a fun year.Hopefully I’m glad to have made it out of 2020. Personally, I’m looking forward to I’ll be getting married.So that’s fun. I’ve taken on a new role with the PRC board the New Mexico chapter. So a lot of fun things going on this year.

Tom Garrity: I would say so, Amanda, how’s your crew?

Amanda Molina: Well, um, yeah, this has been a 2020 was an interesting year like it was for everybody.
I’m work mostly from home. But now I’ve had two more assistance join me, which would be my two school aged children are not very helpful at times. But no, I have two school aged kids who are doing virtual schooling plus a three year old who might be half hyena, and we haven’t decided verdict is out quite wild. trouble. But yeah, it’s been it’s been a good, crazy experience. But thankfully, you know, blessed with good health. And I’m happy to to be here visiting with the team workwise, you know, we’re a lot of planning for for Balloon Fiesta. Right now, we’re working with a lot of other really cool clients around New Mexico. So it’s, it’s just good that we’re continuing the work and looking forward to coming up with some fun communication plans for the year about that. Yeah, I think that’s good. That’s good. Yeah.

Tom Garrity: Instead of looking past to see what happened in 2020, I’m just glad to be on the other side. And for 2021, personally, one of the things I’m going to be training for this year is probably the biggest race that I’ve ever done. And it is the Black Hills ultra. It’ll be a 50 mile trail race. And I’ve never done 50 miles. So you know, the training has started back in late December. And if my body makes it through, you know, 57 years old, do 50 miles, we’ll have to wait and see. But professionally, I’m really excited about, you know, the opportunities for our clients this year. Because, you know, we we have the opportunity to work with clients in so many different areas. But just because, you know, we have, you know, some great events, and some great renewable energy companies and some great telecommunication companies, you know, they all have different needs during this point in time. So I’m, I’m really kind of looking forward to, you know, working, continuing work with all of them to help them get through and build trust and leverage trust that they have out in the community. So yeah, I think it’s I’m very optimistic about 2021. And just what we, you know, what’s in store? So, you know, that’s, that’s what I’m looking for.

What are some things that are on the horizon from an industry perspective that you all think we should, you know, keep an eye out for what are going to be the keys to surviving 2021 in the public relations world?

Amanda Molina: Well, I still think we, you know, need to be cognizant that a lot of imperson events for the foreseeable future, I’m going to go back, obviously, to exactly what we’ve seen in the past. So this does present some challenges and opportunity for our industry. Because, you know, last year, it was kind of easy to say, well, none of us have been through this give us some grace. Now, it’s like, nope, you pony up with the ideas and, you know, are you ready and prepared? from a technology technology standpoint, to be creative, whether it be video or you know, zoom meetings, whatever it is. Are you on top of the game and ready to help your clients navigate? So I think it’s just, you know, pressures on to definitely be very creative from that from that standpoint. Because for now, you know, news conferences aren’t happening, what are we going to do to get folks excited?

Andie Mirabal: I think in 2021, there’s gonna be a focus, a continued focus on creating a connection. And so I think that we’ve seen, especially here locally, news media, focusing on those personal success stories coming out of clients and local organizations. And I think especially working, distance working, remote working, working from home, there’s that need to connect with people even more. And so I think
sharing, sharing those success stories and creating a connection with brands and their people will be important this year.

Tom Garrity: You know, here are the two words that I picked out of each of your kind of assessments. Andy, yours was connection, which I think is is solid, and Amanda, you use the word that I was just like going, that is like great advice for, for clients, and just for people in general. And that is grace,
you know, that we just have to be able to show each other grace, you know, as far as in this in this realm, because really, that’s, you know, treating your neighbor as yourself, you know, really kind of having that, you know, community facing kind of, you know, acts of service, as opposed to inward focus, acts of service and stuff. For me, not quite as well, it’s not a comparison game. But for me, I think this the thing, keep an eye out for the truth tellers, those who are the conveners of the conversation, because I think that’s where,
you know, the successful. I think that’s where success will be in 2021 is being next to beaner of the conversation. It’s not necessarily what you’re doing in the community, but how the community is better as a result of what you’re doing. And I think that those are kind of the things that I see that are going to be happening for this year.

All right. Wow. I think I think we just about landed this thing. Anything else to add before we wrap up?

Amanda Molina: No. Cheers to the New Year.

Tom Garrity: With my chai latte, that’s very right.

Amanda Molina: This is water. nice, clean here, as I promised you all.

Tom Garrity: It was probably well, it’s not five o’clock yet. But anyway. All right. Well, thank you all for watching. Thank you very much, Amanda and Andy for participating. And we will see you a little bit later online. And don’t forget if you want to see more of our kind of just copy conversations or 2:30 in the afternoon on a Friday, visit garritypr.com

Published March 4, 2021


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